More novelty Moschino -- Safety Pin Bag

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  1. punk chic!
  2. It's cute.. but I don't see it as being very practical. :S
  3. No. I'm not even sure how those safety pins open. Not thinking of buying it, anyhow! This is just for interest and amusement. Kind of historical too, I guess.
  4. I love that bag.
  5. Yeah, it's sweet, isn't it. I love to browse 80s Moschino stuff -- it's always a lot of fun.
  6. PS Just realized that I interpreted ayla's comment as being purely about bag access. She was probably talking about the logo on the bag (!!). Went completely over my head, as I think the logo is kind of fun and ironic.
    Moschino from that era = such a fun brand. I love to look at the Cheap and Chic clothing from that era, too. Too bad the new stuff isn't like it.
  7. Also -- just sad to be too young for Moschino, kind of to have 'missed' the line when it was truly a new and innovative one. (Sigh!).

    OK. Will stop with this now. (!)
  8. Aaah Moschino! I adored whimsical Moschino bags. I had the rare "milk carton" bag shaped exactly like one, and the incredible red/brown/creme leather house shaped bag with a front door that opened to a mirror. Sold both, never used either but HAD to have them. Also had the handbag with the keys stuck to the front of it and a few more. In the closet is a cute happy-tree nature design one of his and his take on the Kelly.
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