MORE no-wait SO vernis buckets!!

  1. i know i saw some posts about this already because several people said there were no-wait special order vernis buckets at valley fair, but there are also two SO buckets available for purchase at the king of prussia store in pennsylvania. there was a petit bucket and also a regular bucket. believe there may have been a bronze one and a noisette? not sure, do know there was a lighter beige color and i'm not positive of which one it was. but they were absolutely beautiful. also not sure of price, but their number is 610-992-0392 if anyone wants!
  2. Wow, that's great...such cute bags
  3. very cute.
  4. Cool. A vernis bucket would be hot in Pomme de :heart:
  5. you probably can SO that though ^^^^^^
  6. I love looking at the SO bag in VF. Very nice.
  7. wow!!
  8. you think? even with pomme being so new?
  9. oh for the love of louis:nuts: .....these SO bronze buckets are going to haunt me until i buy one, i'm starting to think....they seem to be everywhere....:shrugs: :graucho:
  10. Everytime I see that Bronze LV Vernis Bucket on eBay I just sighh.. so beautiful. I hope a tPF'er gets it!
  11. hot!
  12. nah, but if anyone sees any mono mat blk or purple, pm me!