More NM Markdowns - Bulga, Kooba...

  1. bummer! i just went on and there's no koobas or bulgas, either i'm doing it wrong or have bad timing!
  2. That would be bad timing hon. I'm in the same boat here!
  3. Crazy how quickly they go; I think they were only there for a few minutes. Sorry! Keep watching though.
  4. I saw the kooba lol. it was there for about 2 minutes lol. amazing!
  5. I couldn't find Kooba or Bulga either..:s
  6. I tell ya, we're like sharks in a feeding frenzie with these markdowns! It's sick I tell you - SICK!!! :drool:

  7. AWESOME!!! You were who I was thinking about and then it disappeared and i was hoping you got it!! :yahoo: Since I'm not in love with anything thats popped up yet, i'm living vicariously through you and Bagachondriac ;) Enjoy your new Kooba!
  8. you not check your PMs!! I've sent you two telling you to get onto the NM site. And would you believe this....I JUST BOUGHT THE KOOBA HONEY AGAIN ...THIS TIME FOR YOU !! hahahahahah! If you bought it yourself, then I will cancel it and one of the other 'sharks' (sorry, just repeating what someone else said) can have it. My Sloane in bark is being delievered tomorrow, so I don't need two. Besides....I ALSO SCORED THE GUSTTO PARINA IN ESPRESSO!! LUCKY ME! The trick is to be signed into your NM account before they start posting these bags. Plus, when they absolutely have to stay on that page and continue to refresh it every few seconds. Seriously, my behind has been in this chair all night and for the most part, I stayed glued to the NM clearance handbag link. So...what do I do with this Kooba?
  9. Have to tell ya, I was so nervous while checking out that my ass sweat a little bit. :sweatdrop:

  10. Isn't that funny dolly! I got the darned bag for the second time tonight. Funnier still...she was able to get it aso. I won't cancel it until I know what she wants me to do. Ladies...stand by because if I cancel it, one of you lucky ladies can grab it up!!
  11. Hi Bagchondriac,

    What style was the Kooba Honey you got...maybe I can take it off your hands ;)
  12. I want that kooba!

  13. It's the Kooba Sloane Belted Tote. I have to wait until I hear from cata because I had promised her that I would get it for her if I could. I PMd her twice but she's apparently not picking them up. AS soon as she tells me for sure that she doesn't want it, I will call NM to cancel it so that one of you ladies can have it. It is a gorgeous bag, but since I landed it in the bark color, I don't need two of the same. I'm gonna stay up for a bit longer and hopefully cata will respond to this post. Hang in there with me.