more news on Suhali colors

  1. I went to LV today to check out the new MC bag Ursula (I think that was the name, also called the neo audra). I also asked about the new Suhali colors. so far the only thing my SA said was that it was going to be a beige gray color. She did not know about the new red yet. I asked if they were coming out with Suhali in many colors and she said that they are releasing the only the Lockit in the blue, geranium, and plum and also silver and gold. The lockit is also going to come in exotic leathers as well. hope that helps.
  2. Wow. I am surprised to hear that your SA knew about the silver and gold Lockit since that info is still confidential and won't launch for quite some time. Hmm.

    Yah, there are new colors but did she say what HW it was going to be paired with at all?
  3. I was pretty stunned when she told me silver & gold! :drool: She didn't say what color HW the new colors are going to be paired with...
  4. Geranium Lockit???? OMG, it would be my DREAM bag!!:drool::drool::drool:
  5. Thanks for the info. Hanging out for the new lockit colours:nuts: , was hoping to get a black suhali lockit but will have to hold off to see the new colours.:sweatdrop:
  6. noooooooooooooo!!!! lol I was really hoping for an orange Suhali lockit!!!! is there any hope that the gold will be more like... "orange gold"??? oh please oh please oh please!!!!!!! lol
    ANyway, thanks so much for the info!!!

    PS: does anyone have news about the colours for le Talentueux and le Fabuleux???? lol (if this is too confidential to post up on the net, PLEASE PM ME!!! lol) Thanks!
  7. MMMMMMMMM Geranium Lockit... :drool:
  8. ^^^ I'm with you, that would be one hot bag!! :love:
  9. wow! Geranium Lockit would be faboulous.
  10. I can't wait .. I want a geranium MM lockit:heart:
  11. Me too, Me too!:nuts: :drool:
  12. I'm waiting to see what the new red will look like. My SA informed me that it will be more of a red color. Geranium has an orange undertone but the new color will be more of a true red. I can't wait, if not then Geranium Le Tal here I come.
  13. These sound so pretty..I'm still set on my black Le Fab though lol.

  14. :nuts::drool::wtf::heart::yahoo:
  15. So no new colors in the le Fab...:crybaby:I don't want a beige//gray (to similar to blanc), I want an ORANGE!!!