More news on my website!!

  1. Hi my website is up and running, and for those of you that asked about a coupon,:rolleyes: I have listed a link in the Deals&steals section for 15% check it out!! Also, let me know about the pricing, look, etc....because we are getting clicks, but not a lot of it not cute stuff:sad: ????? Or is the pricing not right:hrmm: ??? I need you guys to give me feedback please!!!
  2. what website? I would be happy to look
  3. Sorry:blink: , I guess that would be helpful, huh!!!! It is . Apparently in my haste, I left out a few things!!!!
  4. You have great merchandises. I love the swarovski crystal evening clutch. Its very glamourous.

    As far as the website goes, you need to pluralize some items. Instead of earring, I think earringS would be more appropriate. The same with bracelet (braceletS).

    Good luck! Your site is going to be a success.
  5. I also love :love: that rhinestone clutch....I had it copied from a vintage clutch that I is so...pretty!! Thanks for the plural thing....didn't even notice it!!! We not only have purse lovers here, but scholars as well:biggrin: ...this forum has a wealth of good minds!!!!!
  6. OOh-I really like that Nicolette bag-the site is very nice and easy to work with-I like that you can make the items much larger to look at. Good luck!
  7. Congrats- It looks FANTASTIC!!!!

    :rochard: :rochard: :rochard:
  8. nice site.. good luck.
  9. Thank you ladies....I am assuming this means you guys think the pricing, O.K.???? Someone on the forum recommended for advertising....does anyone else have a shopping search engine that they look at frequently??? I am now trying to get the word out there!!
  10. I don't have any advice but I'll bump you! good luck! the site looks great!
  11. I also think your site it great! Very cute! Good luck!
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