More newbie ?'s


Triple Treat
Mar 4, 2010
Is there a thread that has comparison pics of Blaze & Flame?

What/where would I have the best chance of finding a FN in a great color i.e. Blue Hawaiian, Pink Lemonade, Pineapple, etc., the brighter colors?

Also, are there any comparison pics of Cherry & Lava?

Sorry if these are already answered somewhere. I have used the search function & looked through threads until I'm cross-eyed lol.


Nov 10, 2009
Flame is actually much more subdued than you might think. I'm told that Blaze is much brighter. I don't have both, so can't do a comparison, but I've just added some modelling pics to my Flame Shopper reveal thread, so it's been bumped, and the colour in them is pretty good.

I love Flame, but it's more the colour of the Autumn leaves after they've fallen to the ground, not when they're still "Blaze"ing on the trees at the peak of the season :smile:.

TK posted some great red Crunch comparisons in this thread: They may have come from the comparison thread referenced above ^^ originally, I'm not sure.