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Jan 10, 2006
I love bags, mostly my collection is Chanel but I would like an Hermes Kelly - not for its' status - I just love the simple elegance of the bag and it is a true investment. I know other designers also have Kellys, including Chanel. Is the Hermes one the original? Forgive me if this has been answered before but I really want to collect some pieces from this line. I have scarves and jewelry and fragrances so the handbag is next. I know it will last a lifetime. And I want a new one. I don't trust ebay and have never bought any type of preowned anything. If I can't get the one I want, should I try the preowned route? Also, has the style itself changed much over the years? I am just comparing it to the Chanel 2.55 which has been changed countless times and reissued and stuff. Is the Hermes vintage market something I should take the time to investigate?


Jan 18, 2006
Welcome to Hermes!!! The Kelly is incredible, iconic, and timeless!!! I do believe that Hermes was the first (but not entirely sure) but certainly the Hermes Kelly (I think, and I have both a Hermes Kelly and a Chanel Kelly) sets the bar! The style has pretty much remained the same for decades, with only slight change (single handle ring to double rings etc).

New- if you can get the exact combination you like, that is fabulous! But don't forget vintage kellys or even second hand kellys- they are definitely worth investigating. They will have a gorgeous patina with character!

And if you see any that you love on ebay or other places, just post it in the authenticate this Hermes thread, and we can take a look.

A great place to get started looking at preowned and vintange bags is Luxury_Zurich, they have several in stock right now:

But ask as many questions as you have- we are happy to help!!!