More New Vernis News

  1. Ok so I found out that there will be a new black vernis, a true black and the new pink is going to be like fushia, really bright and they are talking about a blue vernis for april. So far now it has been said a new red , a new pink and now black. Possibly blue.
  2. wow that's a lot of new colours the don't usually release so many so close
  3. Thanks for the info ..I hope there is a new blue:love:
  4. I'd really like to see the pink and black colors..they sound nice!
  5. I like the idea of black and blue vernis. I think I have had enough of the pinks and reds.
  6. any idea when the black vernis will come out?
  7. I'd love to see a purpley-pink and a bright blue!
  8. Black vernis??? Ooooh....perhaps this will be my black LV bag! I wonder if it will have the same fingerprint issue as the amarante?? Can't wait to see all the new colors --- but why is LV releasing SOOOOO many colors at once? This makes my head hurt because of all the saving/planning that needs to be done! LOL
  9. I know and each SA says a new color. So far 2 sa's different stores confirmed the new pink and new red.
  10. I would like to see a nice pink color! Sure, they are pretty, but just not quite right for me so far.... I think a deep blue would be gorgeous too!
  11. thanks for the info, i would like to see the new pink and the new red..

  12. I really can't imagine black vernis...
  13. Now I have a dilemma! Pomme agenda or wait for the new pink????
  14. Pomme agenda is the best!!! I love mine!
  15. I think black and blue vernis would be TDF... I really don't want to see more red and pink

    Thanks for the information!!