more new Vernis!!!!!!!! a big brother for my baby ;) hehe

  1. well after my little treat last week of the Keyholder in Marshmallow i decided to treat myself to a matching ludlow if the price was right

    and BOY - O - BOY WAS THE PRICE RIGHT! i placed a bid at the very end of the auction (like 12 secs to go ) and won! for only £40 ($80ish) an even better bargain than the keyholder. I love my new LV family and cant wait to take them out with me tonight!!!! YAY!

    though on a whole it wasnt a fantastic day. I decided to purchase another Luggage Tag from a diffrent seller, it arrived today and its blatantly fake! so i shall be promptly sending it back *oh well*
  2. OMG $80??? That is insane. That makes me want to become a LV eBay bargain hunter. It's so pretty, and I'm so shocked at the price! Congrats!
  3. Congrats looks like it's in great condition total bargain it's hard to get good vernis that cheap on eBay!
  4. omg great price for that !!! congrats !
  5. Gorgeous! I just :heart::heart::heart: Vernis! And that price was a steal!!
  6. thank you everybody :smile: i was so happy when i won i actually danced round my bf's bedroom and screamed my head off!
  7. what a steal!! congrats!
  8. Such a pretty set. Good deal!
  9. Congrats!
  10. That is a great price, congrats!
  11. Yummy!:drool:
  12. Enjoy them! Marshmallow is such an adorable Vernis color.
  13. Great purchase for that price!:tup:
    Sorry about the fake luggage tag though.
  14. It's so pretty!
    & Great price :yes:
  15. thank you again!!! yeah i will be sending that back in a hurry. I've hidden it for now so the Vernis dosn't get offended!