More new Tanos Bow Toxic & Shizzle

  1. I just received both of my new Tanos this week and I LOVE them!

    I was skeptical about the crunch leather but the color saturation is wonderful, the color hues have depth and variations that I like.

    The leather is abit shiny and smooth but has a nice 'hand' to it. The bags are well constructed and very stylish. The interior lining is merely ok. Both bags pooch down nicely, hang on the shoulder perfectly and feel good against my side.

    Look at these as fun handbags, ones to add color and punch to an outfit. Imagine what either of these bags does to a simple jeans skirt and white tshirt, it makes it pop.

    I carried the Bow Toxic today and received comments, asking where I got it. I have only good things to say about the customer service at

    If you have a Tano out there, show us! Share your story about this fun line of bags.
    BowToxic-papaya2.JPG TanoShizzle-blue2.JPG
  2. They are both so pretty! Congrats!
    You are tempting me to buy a Tano...:yes:
  3. mmmmmmmm! They're both fabulous! Everytime I look at Tanos, I think "Skittles," the colors of the bags just remind me of the candy.

    I've posted these before but here are my two so far: Loveboat and Bauhaus.
    Loveboat3.jpg Bauhaus.jpg
  4. Oh Grace, I love the colors of yours too!
  5. I have a feeling that Tano may be my next bag....they are beautiful. Congrats to all who have them.
  6. I think I'm going to go for a Truffle in the lemon yellow..AND I'd love to see Sex Bomb in the paypaya. Anyone buy that yet??
  7. I should add that the colors of mine are....Bow Toxic in papaya..and Shizzle in Caribbean Blue.
  8. Is the color of the papaya the same IRL as on the pic of it online? I really like the color online alot.
  9. ooh those bags are GORGEOUS!

    did i make a mistake in buying a black sexbomb and a white blondie? i felt that i needed those staple colors first before i branched out -- what do you guys think about those colors in tano bags? i will post pics when i receive them!
  10. hmm i wonder if they'd ever do a tano subforum?

    anywho, that blue one, i have looked at a few times and just wondered what it would look like with a background other than the stark white they have on the site... it looks DELISH!

  11. cg, the papaya color is like very close to that online. It is a pumpkin color, not bright orange, but muted with undertones of cognac. It looks really great with blue jeans, I think.
  12. it sounds beautiful....sigh.....
  13. i think i would loooove a tano subforum!
  14. I love my eye on one too.....
  15. Blondie.. u mean Concrete Blondie? So you were the one who nabbed the last one! ;) I went to check and they said they said that one is out of stock - Lucky gal!

    That being said - I did order a camaro blue Sexbomb! I figure it would be a little different (because most of my bags are black and brown - I am always drawn to those colours)

    Honestly, you shouldn't be doubting what you got - if it is indeed the basic neutral colours you neeed first - then I don't see why you shouldn't get them first - afterall, those are the probably the ones you will get the most use out of them.