more new stuff coming to an LV store near you...

  1. went and visited my SA yesterday and he showed me photos of what's to come (some of these have already been mentioned and discussed before):

    > Mono Denim backpacks, 2 sizes... similar to the Montsouris but w/ 2 exterior pockets like the Baggy. alright looking, but not for me.
    > 3 Denim cosmetic pouches: looks like a Trousse Ronde (mini Papillon), Epi Dauphine and P.Plate (w/o the metal plate).
    > first ever children's accessory collection... too cute. wool knit scarves and hats with folksy patterns and miniature teddybear brooches... me likey!
    > World Cup limted ed. Carryall... mono canvas with black leather trims and handles and a small octagonal patch with a silver soccerball printed on it. not bad.
    > additional Bosphore family members, 3 new messenger bags. no likey :shame:

    > and the best of all...... BLACK TOBAGO!!!!!! :nuts: will be available in all 3 bags and pocket org. plus an additional men's billfold wallet. the LV and Globe prints weren't white, but kinda brown. i already placed my name for a black shoe bag!
  2. OooHhhh can't wait to see it!!! ...
  3. Oohhh... do you know how much the World Cup limited ed mono carryall will be? :love:
  4. no prices just yet. they can't even tell me the exact date any of these will arrive here. Australia usually gets all the new items last.
  5. I want...
    I want it all...

    :wacko: someone, stop me!!!
  6. it is futile to resist it :P
  7. Thanks for the info..I can't wait to see the black tobago:yes:
  8. Ooooo cant wait to see the denim accessories.
  9. can someone fill me in what the 3 black tobago bags will be?
  10. The keepall, carryall and shoe bag. Plus the wallet coming out and the pocket organizer that is already out now. I am assuming it will be the same price but proably more because of the increase coming up?
  11. Keepall, Carryall and Shoe Bag. the only new item they will include in black Tobago is a men's billfold wallet.
  12. I cant wait to see pictures.
  13. That's very exciting news -- did your SA say when they will arrive? Any prices mentioned? Did you see photos of the mirror bags -- that is what I am dying for.
  14. i'm mad they disc. the epi dauphin! and to make it in denim instead? i like the denim, but i really wanted an epi!
  15. Can't wait to see children's accessory collection.