More New Spring/Summer 2012 Stock Now on the BE Website!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Just noticed that there are lots of new styles and colors on the BE website from the SS12 collection! Anything catching your eye?:graucho:
  2. Oh wow! So many lovely ones!

    What is everyone loving?
  3. :ninja: I like the Rio, especially in that cappucino bubbled chevre....
  4. Yes, I think the bubbled chevre is going to be very popular. i was happy to see that there were several more London Tote options in stock. Hoping that more people try this style because it's a fabulous one.
  5. I would love love love LOVE to see a really used and battered Oak Copenhagen
  6. and the mandarin covet me is ADORABLE
  7. I think the purple chevre madrid is the leather color and it looks to be a wonderful size for going out for errands and such.

    Also love seeing the Barcelonas. I am not usually drawn to lighter leathers but I have to admit that the sand is pretty gorgeous.

    The Rio is also gorgoeous but I have to stay that the London Tote, Madrid and Barcelonas remain my favorites. So great that there is so much beautiful stock to choose from right now!
  8. What caught my eye was the pink MMS mini....I know I would not carry it, but it is pretty.

    Also...the London Tote Midi in grey snakeprint just because everyone goes on and on about it and in the new bubbled cappuchino leather...

    Very nice selection to have up
  9. I agree, Ode..I really like the number of choices that are in stock right now.
  10. I think I need the London Tote Midi in that cappucino chevre. The rio and the copenhagen also look amazing! I wish I had way, way more money.
  11. I agree about the cappuccino London. Love it!
  12. So MANY little color.
  13. I think thats because the colors all sold out on preorder - the mint Barcelona and I think the pink Rio as well. Even the Vermillion Paris tote is out of stock.
  14. Where are the red, yellow and electric blue bags?
  15. The Milan is available in red as is the Paris Tote mini (though its not on the website yet). As for yellow and blue, those are just not the colors BE decided to go with this season.

    Luckily, unlike most designers, if those are the colors one must have, they can order whatever style they want in it.

    Personally - I love that orange and I kind of wish the Paris tote wasn't sold out in it.