More new spring out some w/ floppy bunny ear bows

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  1. Here's a note from Joanna at Prada Kalakaua 808 921 0200 w/ pix of new bags.

    We got some new arrivals this week, attached are a bunch of pics and info for your viewing pleasure! The only one I forgot to take a pic of is the Cervo Lux BR4243, so will send that later.

    Also our sale was supposed to end yesterday, but we got a notice from Milan saying that we will be extending our sale til February! I think its only for bags though, so hopefully we get more stuff!

    Vit. Shine
    BR4216 (nero, denim) hobo $1560

    Cervo Lux
    BR4085 (baltico) wide opening tote $1385
    BR4135 (talco, baltico) huge shopper with chain handles $1735
    BR4239 (naturale) hobo $1245
    BR4245 (naturale) small E/W double chain straps $1315
    BR4243 (nudo, naturale) small shoulder bag, new chain strap $985

    Nappa Aviator
    BR4147 (caffe, bleu) E/W shoulder bag double straps $1525
    BN1749 (caffe, bleu) E/W handbag with flap $1630

    Nylon Jacquard + Pitone
    BN1757 (bruciato + roccia) puff top shoulder bag $1615

    Nylon Jacquard
    BN1757 (rovere/brown, nero) puff top shoulder bag $620

    Nappa Antique
    BN1760 (cipria, nero, sabbia, cocco/brown) small bow bag $1180
    BR4230 (cera, nero, cocco) big bow bag $1215
    BN1757 (nero) puff top shoulder bag $1155

    Nylon St. Pitone
    BN1760 (verde/green) small bow bag $850
    BR4230 (naturale, verde) big bow bag $970

    BR4088 (militare, cotto) big tote $4050

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  3. the last nylon bag is the ONLY one i seem to like..sigh...better for my wallet...hehe
  4. Thanks for posting the pics Longchamp!!!

    I'm very disappointed in Prada this season...I don't like ANY of the bags :tdown:
  5. Thanks for posting! I still like the bows :yes:
  6. Oooh thanx for posting these!!! **sigh** unfortunately I don't love any of them....wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
  7. UUGH. The bows are awful - like beatened,wrinkled, dysfunctional valentinos. I am not loving anything I have seen so far of s/s 09.
  8. what happened!? after the SS08, prada lost it!
  9. Yucky! Pigtails, dominatrix, floppy rabbit ears and what looks like a used plastic grocery store bag. Oy!!

    Pity is that the few I like are the cervo lux, and I have no faith in that treatment holding up. My wallet, however, is thrilled.
  10. I like the zippers and chains bag in the 2d pic! Just get me my whip and my 6" Stillettos! :graucho::woohoo:
  11. What's wrong with Prada? I don't like any of them. :sad:
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  13. no likey at all!!
    Thanks longchamp for sharing your pics!!!
  14. oooh i love the chains!
  15. All I can say is, thank goodness I did my Prada shopping LAST year!!:nuts: