More new S/S bags.... uhh, not looking good gals

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  1. Okay, I think I know the prada gals well enough, that I'm not too sure about these new styles. Here's the note and prices that came w/ the pix.

    We also got in the SS '09 bags - Nappa Antique and Nylon St. Pitone, both groups look very similar as a round shaped bag with large bow ties on the sides and creases. Attached are a few pics of some of the bags. They also come in a few sizes and colors so if you are interested please let me know.

    Prices are as follows:
    Nappa Antique (smallest size): $1180
    (large size): $1215
    Nylon St. Pitone (smallest size): $850
    (large size): $970
    There are also a bunch of colors available, like black, brown, pink, beige, and tan for the Nappa Antique. We are expected to get a ton of these bags in different colors and materials, so it will be interesting
    IMG_2654.jpg IMG_2655.jpg IMG_2656.jpg IMG_2661.jpg IMG_2657.jpg
  2. I seem to get in so much trouble when I say bad things about bags, that I'll say nothing about these. LOL!!!
  3. I must ask... what's going on with Prada?! Is this supposed to be Prada's counterpart for Miu Miu's best selling bow bags? Geez, Prada's new S/S bags look like they either have the pox or grew long droopy ears. And what's up with the wrinkly leather? My wallet sends Miuccia its thanks, though.
  4. longchamp, thanks for posting but where did they come from? Maybe they don't look as bad IRL!
  5. Looks like Miu Miu had a child with the Valentino Bow Bag...
  6. Was thinking Miu Miu bow bag too Miss V!! LOL.
  7. My SA was raving about one of these bags. She'll send me some pics soon.
  8. If she said what we are all thinking (and probably what SHE is thinking), she wouldn't make any sales. :roflmfao:

    Yep, my wallet is safe so far! :yahoo:
  9. Ok I'll be the freak and say I kind of like the patent bow bag. :graucho:

    But then I'm bow bag whore.
  10. I'll be honest and say that I think the finish and style of these purses look somewhat cheap.


    But lots of thanks to Longchamp for posting these pictures. Longchamp -
  11. Oh Sh*t!!! I can't believe it!! Thanx for posting these btw...but OMG these are awful!!! And I want to buy a black w/ silver hardware NOW!! UGH!! I was holding out for the new line but looks like I should have jumped last season when I should the freak is up with these designers...very bummed out to say the least!

  12. I just got the pics. Some of them are the same as the pics you posted, Longchamp, but the one she was raving about is actually really pretty. It's a tessuto bag with pastel-shade multicolor python print on front and back. It has nappa leather on the sides with bows. It's very cute, I like it. :tup:
  13. Oh, can you post it? Not much of a tessuto fan but would love to see it. TIA
  14. it me or do these bags look like a kid with pigtails???heehee..EEEK!
  15. I don't like their leather, shape and design. Same as PP, my wallet is safe. :sweatdrop: