More new purchases! Somebody stop me!

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  1. Good morning!

    Last night I took a trip to the LV counter at the Saks near me hoping to see my favorite SA and buy a new something. Unfortunately I had just missed her :sad: And I knew I wouldn't be able to get back there until after the price increase, so I bought a few things from another SA that was just as sweet. In the past couple years I've never had a bad experience at this boutique, they are so wonderful. While I was there I also happened to bump into a fellow PF member! Look out for a post tonight from her :yes:

    Here's what I came home with :smile: in 3 boxes!

    In the smallest one ...

    White MC Mini iPod cover. I love it! Inside view ...

    In the next box...

    White MC Wapity! I never thought I would like these but I already love it! They are a great little accessory. It'll definately come in handy when I go back up to school in the fall.

    And the third box...

    Monogram Speedy 30! I used to own one a couple years ago but sold it to a friend, and lately I've been wanting one so badly.

    Thanks for looking :smile:
  2. LOVE all your new buys!!! CONGRATS!!!:love:
  3. Very nice, congrats!
  4. Love that speedy, congrats.
  5. Loves it! Congratulations.
  6. i love your wapity !
  7. you sold 2 speedy 25 recently right?
  8. Great buys!!! Congrats!!!
  9. Yep! The 25 was just too small for me. I really love big bags and just couldn't adjust to the size of it.
  10. Wow, great purchases :smile:
  11. Congrats! All three are beautiful! :biggrin:
  12. You can't stop! It's a sickness! I cannot wait until my next LV! I dream about it every single night!
  13. Great purchases! Love the speedy! It's such a classic bag.
  14. wowee!!!!! Great the wapity...they're growing on use for one but they're soooo cute!
  15. Oh, so much fun! Congrats!
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