More New PICS of Spring/Summer Giant Hardware Bags

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  1. Marine looks really pretty...




  2. marine does look nice.

    the bags look so funny with the giant hardware. me no likey:yucky:
  3. Me no likey either :smile: But that red is to die for. What?? look at the SQUARE bale on her!
  4. I'm not sure where to post this pic since I don't want to start another thread about 07 bags....but, here's a pic of the seagreen/vert d'eau work:

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  5. oh my goodness..don't like the hardware looks like giant screws

  6. I agree. I'm not a big gold fan but I could deal with it if they were flat & smooth. They look like those big gold rivets you get at ace hardware that are textured for easier grip...but maybe that's what NG's inspiration was, like those c3po starwars pants.

  7. I love all the pictures! Thanks for posting. I think that's the best picture I've seen of the red so far. I think that if I keep seeing the giant hardware, eventually it's going to seem more normal.
  8. Thanks for the pics spiralsnowman:flowers: vermillon is so pretty....
  9. Thanks for the pics. :smile: I love Cafe with the giant hardware and Marine would be gorgeous with regular hardware. Can't wait to get the Marine.:yahoo:
  10. You're right rocco, square bales and rectangle buckles are going to throw us off completely!
  11. I saw vermillion IRL NOT like that pic at all, definitely more on the lighter orange-red, not a deeper blue-red like rouge vif. I had high hopes but was disappointed.
  12. nice pictures.... but... something about thes BIG, HUGE hardwares... just doesn't look right..

    but love the colors!
  13. IMO.. they make the bag appear smaller. Something new I guess? :hrmm:
  14. I wonder if the giant hardware is one of those things which we boo-boo at now and then one year later kick ourselves for not getting them...I still remember the SA recommended the magenta City to me before and I went "yucks, too bright" and then now I'm searching high and low for one. Sucks.
  15. aaahh.. gorgeous! i would love to have the black in work!