More new items up at Bluefly

  1. Mostly shoes with a couple of limo items (Ball / cosmetic bag) still remaining. I wasn't bowled over by the shoe prices. Perhaps once an extra 20% sale rolls along, paired with a coupon..
  2. ooooh, the roma is gorgeous. and i really like the medium totes in all their different colors.

    but there`s something odd about the noce julie, don`t you think? i love the style and i love the color, just not combined!
  3. I agree - the Julie in noce looks weird - maybe it's just the color on that site or something...

    I have to share - I ordered a noce Sloane last night on bluefly. I hope I love it when it arrives!!! my first bluefly purchase. cross your fingers that the DHL delivery goes well!
  4. oh, congrats, chitowncat!

    as i said, i simplay love the color noce and as a sloane it will be such an ultimate dream piece!

    keeping my fingers crossed!
  5. who got the quarzo continental wallet -- fess up!
  6. ^^^lol...i was wondering the same thing.

    chitowncat - congrats! i had the noce Sloane in my cart for a while the other day, but just couldn't justify another BV this soon. glad you got it! hope that DHL does it right this time.
  7. Has anyone seen a BLACK BV wallet (any style) on bluefly recently? I know the good stuff comes and goes so quickly but I haven't seen any at all. I snagged the black shoulder flap during the sale and am now dying for a wallet!
  8. I just returned a black woven continental wallet to bluefly. They received my returns yesterday so they should be listing it soon. It was really lovely and I almost kept it but I'd like to get a silver wallet.

    I returned a ebano wallet as well but I wouldn't recommend that. I thought the quality of the ebano continental wallet was not up to par with normal BV. The leather was stiff and color was off - not like my ebano veneta.
  9. Thanks, Mystiletto! I keep checking but i haven't seen it turn up. I'm DYING for more black accessories!
  10. I just purchased a limo zip around wallet to go with my limo zip around card case, 35% off.
  11. FYI, the old petra expandable tote is back!
  12. I've been having too much fun lately w/ Bluefly. :nuts: Gotta love those codes!
  13. Someone please grab the roma in old petra, if you use MISS238 it brings you below $2000, fantastic deal for a $2700 bag and you could ask for a better bag. See my thread with pictures of this one.
  14. Kronik, thanks for the info!

    ReRe, I ALMOST bought it but I came to my senses. I'm so in love with Old Petra and the Roma is TDF, but it is just too large for me. I did get a smaller bag in a similar style (just like Megs'). I wish the Roma came in a more petite version.