More new items on LT!

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  1. I just visited the site!

    Includes a MC white cles, speedy, blue epi noe, and more! :nuts:
  2. oh wow... I do love LT...that pochette accessories doesn't look too bad! wish I wasn't on a ban!
  3. I wish that gold speedy was priced retail!!!!!!!!:hysteric:
  4. I want that perfo pochette! And the vernis wallet!!
  5. i want the perfo pochette too its in the color i want but i just bought a azur pouchette
  6. I want the vernis wallet.
  7. What site is this?
  8. OMG... Someone PLEASE get that CB Porte Tresor!!!! The inside might be a little scuffed.. but who's gonna be looking inside anyway? :drool:
  9. i know, lots of good stuff over the past couple of days!!
  10. thank goodness someone bought it! i totally wanted it but i'm still recovering from a recent purchase.
  11. oh never mind! it's still there. i really need to resist the urge to get it.
  12. But some of the blossoms are rubbing off on the outside too! I know it's bound to happen, but that's a turn-off!