More New Goodies

  1. I just had to get this after someone posted it here, I still don't have my Gauffre bag, but I'm so happy with my wallets


    New bag which I love, so shiny!!


  2. Wallet which kinda matches my bag

  3. And I just had to post this, I can't believe spare thread comes in it's own dust bag. Tooooo cute:love:
    DSC00688.JPG DSC00686.JPG
  4. Ver nice. Congrats!
  5. I love the Gauffre wallet and the purse. They are so elegant! How lovely the little spare thread dust bag is! I cannot believe it has one for itself! This is too cute!!!
  6. Hey, I don't think I've seen that bag! Where did you get it? I totally love it, its more of my style then the glazed bags I've seen! Soooo cute. OMG. Can I ask how much it is?
  7. ^^^I have a hunch it's on that's only available in Europe, LeeMiller. Is that right, AudreyII? I've been combing the new Pradas like a crazy woman this season. I've see that style, but not with the chain shoulder strap and the glazed leather.

    Nice haul, Girlfriend! Nice haul!! :rochard:
  8. ^^I bought it in Italy so you may well be right Prada Psycho. I can't remember how much it was now, think it was about 700 euros?
  9. gosh this is so scrumptious. I have to have this wallet.
  10. Figures...only available in Europe? Your goodies are awesome!!!! Which gauffre are you looking for? I'm looking for one too...and I have done the same thing before: Bought the wallet before I bought the bag lol!!! Congrats!!!
  11. gorgeous bag--congrats!
  12. LOVE love love what you got, the wallet is sweet, and the bag, I love that leather , gorgeous!
  13. Lovely purchases- congrats!
  14. This is the one i've been dreaming about, think I first saw it in the Show us your Gauffres thread. It's the only one I haven't seen IRL and I don't think Prada made this shape again this season:crybaby: