More new goodies that just arrived!!

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  1. My second wave of goodies arrived in the mail on Friday. Anyone want to see what I got?
  2. Here! Let's see!
  3. Bring it on!
  4. A lot of stuff came in large envelopes so I'm skipping pics of the packaging. :smile:
  5. I could not get the picture to show the color properly but it is so pretty in person.
    butterfly fob.jpg
  6. And another.
  7. My first ponytail scarf!!
  8. pretty scarf!!
  9. More!
  10. Unwrapping.
  11. great fobs!!
  12. My second ponytail scarf!! So pretty.
  13. And again.
  14. Trying to get my last group of pictures to load!
  15. Thanks!

    I love the scarves, I have no idea why I haven't bought any before now.

    I also really love the fobs. Now to get the turtle and I'll be happy!