More new Coach bags

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Jan 7, 2006
I haven't looked at Coach bags seriously in a while, but these are kind of cute.

I saw those yesterday in a Coach Store .. they feel really nice too.

I looked at all the new spring line items available in a couple of their stores this weekend. As a long time Coach lover - and more recently stock holder - I wasn't very impressed. Other than those bags, the leather or leather trims on many of their bags wasn't their best quality. Also many of their new items look so easy to get dirty and stained, lots of white fabric and pastel colours. It will be interesting to get some feedback on these as they come into use.

Looks like their main motifs are the pastel scribble pattern, and a pastel patchwork with hanging flowers and coin purses for accessories. They look nice, and have matching scarves, shoes and what not, but I think I'll wait a season before I do a splurge. The holiday patchwork like was so great, maybe too nice now spring is a bit of a let down, just my opinion. I like stuff that lasts for the prices they charge, and I'm not convinced many of their new goods are for more than a couple seasons use.

Those two bags above, are the nicest pieces right now, I'd say, and probably long lasting.
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