More "natural" and non-toxic leather care/protectants?

  1. I have a new Miu Miu white calfskin bag that I want to protect. :heart: However, having done lots of research in the past few months on lead and chemical poisoning (don't ask), I am now apprehensive about using my can of Shining Monkey to protect my bag. (I don't know much about how these sprays work, but one of the ingredients is heptane, and I don't want to have my central nervous system depressed or have icky things happen to me later in life just because I sprayed SM on my bags! :wtf: Not to say that SM will cause these problems, but since I feel so paranoid now, I figure it's better to be safe than sorry.)

    Anyway, I was doing some research, and found this interesting webpage on "non-toxic leather protection":

    Has anyone tried any of the products listed? It seems that the author didn't know much about them, either - she was just listing them. The products are:

    Leatherguard Protective Coating

    Bee Natural Leathercare

    Montana Pitch-blend Leathercare Products (interesting; it seems like they use pine sap as a main ingredient)

    Obernauf's Extraordinary Leathercare Products

    Ladies, any comments on these products or any other more "natural" leathercare products to protect my adorable white Miu Miu treasure? :love: Thanks!