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  1. It's my birthday today and I got a Fendi spy and B. bag as pressies. :heart: my DB. However, I am very greedy and would love to treat myself to some LV.

    I would like either:

    a) a Damier piece
    b) an Epi leather piece
    C) something from the denim range
    d) a wallet

    My budget is around £650. I would appreciate any suggestions. My heart says denim, I have lusted after the denim speedy forever. However, my practical side knows I can get two items for that amount of money. I already have an ellipse and a white MC speedy so maybe I should go crazy and get the Damier Alma? (is the Alma crazy?)
  2. Nah, an alma isn't crazy at all. But since you've lusted for a denim piece, why not treat yourself ? It's your birthday after all ! ;)

    Happy birthday !
  3. I vote for damier Alma (only because you already have a speedy).
  4. same here get the alma!:flowers:
  5. Get the damier alma or how about a damier speedy? :graucho: Because it's your b-day... it's your b-day!! ::chanting:: :drinkup:
  6. Wait and get something from the new Azur line :graucho:
  7. :lol: Too funny, I've got 50 cent's song in my mind now. Go shorty, it's your birthday, we're gonna party like it's your b'day...
  8. I vote for the Damier Alma...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
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