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  1. I think its great to see the addition of new handbag & purse sub-forums during the past few weeks for YSL and Prada/Miu Miu. I'm wondering if its worthwhile adding some additional sub-forums, namely:
    * Ferragamo
    * Mulberry
    * Jimmy Choo
    * Tod's

    Just my opinion, but it seems like there's significant interest in these labels, and it is so much easier to read about them in sub-forums than scrolling through the long long general thread. Is there any downside to adding more sub-forums?
  2. I would love a Tod's subforum!
  3. I would love a Tod's and Ferragamo subforum too!! :wlae:
  4. Maybe I'm the only one who feels that there are too many subforums already and adding to it would be a bit redundant.

    The downside that I can think of is that adding more subforums is going to split up the forum and the members won't be as close. I like the intimate feeling we have here. I know I haven't browsed much of the other subforums aside from LV and Chanel since they were created.

    I posted this in an LV thread but if you don't want to scroll through everything in the general thread, you can always use the search feature (and then advance search if you want to get down to the very specifics)

  5. You're not alone Jen, I feel the same way too :o) I know the first time I went to TFS I was overloaded by the number of forums/subforums and ended up just being :wtf: and :Push: before leaving LOL. We have lots of great subforums already, and utilizing the search option more would be a terrific alternative to adding 10 more subforums. I love how PF feels like a group of friends and would hate for that to be diminished.
  6. I love Tod's!! I'm hoping for a Tods one soon.
  7. Yes, we all understand the capabilities of the "search" function. I would just politely disagree with you. For busy PFers looking to quickly get the latest fix on their favorite brands--and exchange ideas with other experts about them--I think going through sub-forums is the way to go.
  8. I also agree with Jen. I log into the forum and feel overwhelmed with all the new folders!! :wacko:
  9. We're all free to disagree :yes: Thanks for sharing your point, I never saw it from that point of view before!
  10. I agree with Jen. A bit of closeness is lost amonst members with all the subforums. I also haven't spent much time out of LV, coach, general handbags since the separation. I'll admit I've been lurking over at chanel for awhile lol.
  11. I, for one, would still like to see a Mulberry sub-forum.

    I actually think Mulberry is a 'bigger brand' than Burberry, yet we have no specific place to go to discuss the brand.:yes:

    Of course, i know Megs and Vlad are busy, so no hurry!:graucho: ;)
  12. ^I think they pay very close attention to how much chatter is going on about these specific brands and add Forums when needed:yes:
  13. i think at the most maybe have a sub forum that included a couple of brands, otherwise i'm satisfied, megs and vlad take good care of whatever we need as they see fit, so..yeah lol. i like the subforums we have as it is.
  14. Swanky is right. Vlad and I pay attention to everything going on here- we want the place to still feel intimate as some have mentioned but also do not want it cluttered.

    This is why we look to see trends- if we have a bunch of new posts every day on specific brands etc, we will consider making them into a sub forum. Also we have toyed with the idea of making a sub forum that has specific brands but they do not have their own sub forum because there is not enough talk about them to keep them by themselves.

    All in all- we want the best of both worlds are try hard to reach both points. :yes:
  15. I started this thread WAY back in July, and since then Vlad and Megs have made clear that they monitor this stuff very carefully in deciding when to create new sub-forums, which I completely understand.

    Just wanted to respectfully point out, though, that there seems to have been a BIG spike lately in the chatter about Jimmy Choo bags... :graucho: