more more more (my ever growing collection)

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  1. here is the LV extension of my designer bag/shoe/accessory obsession. enjoy!
    family portrait.jpg
  2. Ooooh sexy shoes!!!! Lovely LV collection! Thanks for sharing.
  3. wow! beautiful!
  4. cute collection you have there..
  5. :drool: Hot stuff!! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Love your shoes!
  7. Great collection! Loove the mc shoes!
  8. Great collection, I am so jealous you've got the Perfo pumps! I wanted those so badly!
  9. the perfo pumps are my fav by far- so comfy.. and hot, ofcourse.
  10. Great collection.
  11. loove your mc shoes!
    thanx for sharing :yes:
  12. Love the shoes and the mandarin pochette!
  13. :huh:o i like them all! =)
  14. Your perf heels are stunning, great collection :biggrin:
  15. Very nice shoes.