More money for my "Hermes fund"!!!

  1. So today I checked my mailbox and there's a letter from my college department office. So now what's that got to do with Hermes???

    The letter informed me that I am the recepient of one of the scholarship funds provided by my college. I got $5000 for the next two quarters until I graduate in Marck 2007!!! I am so excited. That's the highest amount that you could get from departmental scholarship.

    It was so unexpected!!!.. as I was sick my interview session and had to miss it. I was having some kind of kidney problems.. and I had given up any hope in receiving any departmental scholarship... SO today I thought when I saw the letter it was some kind of rejection letter.. BUT NOOO... I got it!!! I had to read it 3 times... to convince myself.. I'm so elated... it's unbelievable.. I've heard that my department usually only give out a $1500 scholarship... I got $5000 and the fact that I got it was soooooo unexpected!

    My dad told me that if ever I got a scholarship. He would give the money to me!!!.. So there's going to be an extra $5000 now in my Hermes fund on top of my birkin "graduation" present (pre-graduation) from my dad... WOW!!! I'm so thrilled... :biggrin:

    I did apply for another college scholarship.. I hope I got something from them too to add to my "Hermes fund". Wish me luck ladies...

    Ladies, this is bad.. I got a scholarship and all I could think of is Hermes... Birkin... Kelly... Ahhh... ;):heart::heart::heart:
  2. Congrats! :biggrin: That sounds like me, hoping I get the job I'm interviewing for tomorrow so I can buy Hermes. :lol:
  3. You are so funny. I would be thinking that too. Congratulations on the scholarship.
  4. Gotta love it! Congratulations to you on your scholarship...hard work pays off!
  5. Wow!

    Congratulations to you! I hope you find lovely things at Hermès, I know I always do.

    Scholarships are fun as they provide you with more shopping money LOL!
  6. Thank you Crochetbella, dianagrace, kellybag and LaVan...

    Crochetbella: Good luck on your interview tomorrow!! Think about hermes.. that'll motivate you! ;)
  7. Congrats!
  8. Congratulations on your scholarship! Hermes is great motivation to save that money! LOL
  9. Congrats! That's awesome! You're a very lucky girl!
  10. Congratulations - use the money wisely.
  11. Thanks Wellow!!!! And congrats again! :biggrin:
  12. Congratulations! That is so amazing, you should be very proud of yourself! And definitely reward yourself Hermes style!!!
  13. congratulations, on the scholarship! Good luck with the Hermes purchase!
  14. Thank you everybody.. I will definitely use the money wisely.