More modeling pics: Lily XL in walnut

  1. I'm on a roll today with these modeling pics! But its only cuz you girls are so helpful!

    So here's the deal: I have a Lily XL satchel in walnut. I'm debating whether or not to exchange her for black. (Hence why she's still in some of her packaging)
    I need honest opinions on the color, and also, does her size eat me alive?

    I know the color is a little hard to see in these pics. I'm not very good at mirror self-portraits. Walnut is like whiskey, without the reddish/orangish tone.

  2. The bag and the color are beautiful. It does look a little big on you. But since big bags are the style now, and it's something you'd get much use out of, then I'd say the heck with it and enjoy.
  3. It's a beautiful bag and you're adorable, but.... I think a smaller size would complement you more.:shrugs:
  4. I love this bag. I think the size looks great on you. Walnut is one of my new favorite colors. The question you should ask yourself is would walnut compliment alot of the outfits you wear. Like the outfit you are wearing in the pics looks great with the color of the bag. My vote is for the walnut hands down!
  5. Love the bag, although I'm partial because I have Lily too. I do like the walnut color, I think it's different. That would be my color choice only because I have so much black and just bought whiskey in the 06 Legacy.
  6. I say the opposite. I love the way big bags look on smaller framed girls. I think it looks really cute but not overwhelming either. I love it!
  7. I think it looks gorgeous! I love the color! I don't think it's too big at all. If YOU think it's too big, then exchange it. If not, just wear it and enjoy!
  8. Do you like big bags?? If you like big bags I say definitely keep it. I really like the walnut color more than the black. For some reason the lily in the black with the brass hardware doesn't do much for me.
  9. I love the color. It's very rich. (Not $wise, but!) I do think it looks a bit oversize on you. How about the smaller Lily? Does it come in Walnut? Of course, if that large a bag is functional for you, I'd say keep it, by all means.
  10. Here is a good picture to see the color: (borrow from eBay hehe)
  11. I love that color! I think if you like big bags then it is perfect, but if you don't then opt for the smaller version.
  12. It looks like a carry on for an airplane. Way too big for my tastes.

    BUT, you could use any bag and look cute.
  13. I love the color, but think the bag is very big on your cute little self ;) .. almost like luggage... but if you are comfortable with the size, that is all that matters. :yes:
  14. Luggage, yes! That was one of my first thoughts when pulling this bag out of the fedex box. I really love all the hardware and the cute coin purse on the back, but I'm thinking it looks a tad too large.:push:

    I appreciate all your opinions though, hey really help b/c I am sooooo indecisive.
  15. I LOVE the color but the size is a bit much for you IMO. I think the regular Lily would look great! Still a big bag but not overwhelming...:yes: