More Metallic Please!!!

  1. Hi I Was Just Wondering If Anyone Knows Where I Can Find A Silver Guccisima Princy Bag
  2. Thanks !!!
  3. Do You Know Where I Can Purchase A Hot Pink Horsebit? I Know Its Old But I Love It.
  4. Sorry, can't really help you on this one. Your best bet is probably to check out the Gucci outlets, give them a call and ask them if they have it. I've checked eBay and I don't think they have them, but if you do see them, do post it in the authenticate thread to make sure you don't buy a fake!

    Good luck!
  5. ^That's right, your best bet would be eBay, but do be careful!
  6. Try the G boutique nearest you. Saks and Neimans also carry this bag. I ordered my Silver Guccissima Abbey from Saks because they did not have one in stock.