more metallic Aubergine paddy pics!

  1. sorry for another thread, but i feel bad hijacking someone else's thread for my pics :angel:
    but other Aubergine paddy club members, feel free to post your pics here too!

    p/s - i love this baby!...
    (i might just keep it, in which case i'm going to have to break the news to DH somehow. right now i've hidden it my winter wardrobe completely hidden by overcoats :shrugs:)
    aubergine1.JPG aubergineangle.JPG
  2. That colour is truly gorgeous, it as amazing silky sheen in it, I love it :love:
    I can imagine it goes perfectly with many colours, enjoy!

    Good luck with telling your DH, I do same things with my bf when I have new bags...he's always so shocked about the prices:shame:
  3. PURTTY PURTTY!!!!!! congrats!!! Loving it!~ :love:
  4. I'm really lovin' this color!! Congrats and thanks for sharing the pics!!
  5. CONGRATS on ur aubergine helloholly!! its gorgeous...i dunno how your DH works but my bf is always supportive of a bargain...although 700+ is an expensive bargain but a bargin men should be able to appreciate that right ;) !!! hmm maybe compare it to getting a car at half its value heeh, that should work!
  6. it looks beautiful!! another lucky gal! :smile:
  7. Love the colour so much, enjoy your new bag!:love: :flowers:
  8. hellooholly... you have really captured the colour of the aubergine so beautifully.... I just love looking at that bag!
  9. I love it! It's beautiful! :heart: definitely worth keeping!
  10. Hi hellooholly! Great bag ;) :biggrin:
    Here is my new Aubergine - the padlock is pretty tarnished and so is the name plate, but I think it's a gorgeous bag!!
  11. Beautiful! Would you say it's like a Bronze-y color?
  12. Thanks elongreach :biggrin:. I'd describe the colour as a bronzish-purple :tender:
  13. wow! nice bag! :drool:
    does the tarnished lock make the bag any less lovable?? I'm worried about mine now ... :sad:
  14. I've got an aubergine as well... and I really think that the scratchy silver hardware actually adds to the appeal. I think that full on shiny silver would be too much
  15. so strange how mine is hardly tarnished... it's still shinyish, with areas of "cloudiness" all over it.... i kinda like the heavily tarnished look better. maybe we should swap, angora =)

    yeah it's sort of bronzey? like a metallic grey+brownish purple? to my eye, the colour in my pic is spot-on..