More medium satchel paddies in newer colors added to Diabro

  1. I just checkd out Diabro's chloe bags and they've got a whole new bunch of medium paddington bags in stock.

    There's noir and blanc as well as brun, canelle and what looks like galet (they've called it 'nuage').
  2. Yup - they added the Noir the other day after I asked why it was on the Japanese site, but not the International site, and they added the Brun and Canelle a few hours ago by the looks. Sadly the Anthracite on their Japanese site isn't available.... Wish they'd put their Noir on sale!!!! Though I'm not fond of their returns policy! I think I'm becoming slightly obsessed......
  3. There's an Antharacite mini. If they got an Argent mini in again, I think I will have to get it. :girlsigh:
  4. hi i just bought my mini in muscade!!! thanks to you ..i didn't know diabro!!!!:wlae:
  5. i always regretted not getting my mini from diabro. i was worried about authenticity and spend something like $600 more getting it from Neimans.
  6. Nelstar, on the japanese diabro site ( they have the mini argent, maybe if you email them & let them know you're interested they might add it to the international site? Argent is sooooo beautiful!!!:drool:
  7. Can we not buy from the Japanese site? I am tempted to just guess which button is which!
  8. It is, isn't it? :yes: I'm currently drooling over bellacherie's pics. :drool: :graucho:
  9. LOL really???? :yahoo:
    I want a badge that says "enabler".

    You'll love it chloeglamour, it's the sweetest little bag I've ever owned.:yes: