more marc for us! much to the dismay of "old new yorkers"

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  1. it's a time honored tradition to grumble and moan about change and gentrification even when you only moved to the city, oh, about a year ago, so expect more hate from the disgruntled haters. this new store will be directly across from magnolia bakery and adjacent to the women's mbmj store.
    Marc Jacobs Adds Sixth Shop to his West Village Set

    Image via one2c900d

    Sounds like Marc Jacobs is taking over 400 Bleecker Street, for twenty years the home of Biography Book Shop, after all. Back in February, MJ International head Robert Duffy told WWD that the company had signed a lease for yet another Bleecker Street location, leading us to speculate that they'd move into either the Miracle Grill or Biography. Now, the building's owner has confirmed that Marc Jacobs will arrive next February with some sort of lifestyle boutique. As for the bookshop, it's not disappearing: The Shophound reports that it will reopen as Bookbook at 266 Bleecker sometime in 2010.
  2. lifestyle boutique.. :thinking:
  3. yeah, i have no idea what that means. furniture, dinnerware, sheets, and candles? what else does this man even have to sell? i think my bf would be horrified if i, you know, brought home a marc jacobs toilet seat cover or something.
  4. that sounds like it to me. maybe china/linens, etc?
  5. an mj toilet might be HOT!
  6. would it be bag shaped? hopefully not marc shaped. i do not want to be sitting on marc's face when i'm doing my business.
  7. It would be shaped like a daisy and have a cover that slides off.:nuts:
  8. would the petals poke me in the ass?
  9. If you sat on it while the cover was on, yes. But if you slide the cover off it is quite smooth and spritzes you with the fresh daisy scent after you are done doing your business.:P.
  10. Yes, I would hope it would have all the bells and whistles like the toilets they have in Japan! I love those toilets - they have the heated seats, two different water-spraying options, the sounds to cover any embarassing sounds you might make...
  11. ooohhh, i like the last feature. i can do without the water spraying. it always feels freaky!
  12. thank you jesus!!!!!
  13. I'll be the lone dissenter; I wish they could have set up shop somewhere else. This is just one less independent bookshop in the world. :sad:
  14. they're relocating down the street and also expanding their selection hence their name change to bookbook. they didn't lose their lease because of marc. there's been speculation of them vacating for months now because the landlord wanted to increase the rent. :yes:
  15. :lol: