More magenta! Box starting Bid £399.99

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  1. Argh. why isn't it a magenta first! Sigh.
  2. Dancing Queen - isn't there a magenta first on eBay right now too?
  3. OMG I'm waiting forever now to see a box or first in mint condition. I hope she sells outside the UK as well.
  4. Oh! It's a bit too distressed for my liking but if I do get it, I'll sell my Magenta purse bag (in absolutely PRISTINE condition)! Hee. We'll see how it goes!
  5. Oh no! She ended the listing! How upsetting! SOBS!!! :crybaby: I seriously HATE eBay. :yucky:
  6. hey Dancing Queen - maybe she's adding a BIN???
  7. I seriously doubt it. :crybaby: Sigh. I just hope it went to a PFer. :s
  8. Sweetie, please tell me that you got the Magenta first. I really hope it was a Pfer... :love:
  9. :drool:
    Oh somebody get the box! It's gorgeous and at a great price!!!! I am adding a picture of my Box and City to tempt you! Still waiting for my Sky Blue City to arrive!
  10. Another temptress here!:lol: I absolutely love mine.:heart: It's my favorite bag at the moment. I just love the size. It's not too long and it fits all my daily junk, lol. Anyone considering it, you won't be disappointed!
  11. Dancing_Queen WHERE ARE YOU?? :shrugs: :shrugs: Box is back to the market... :yahoo: :yahoo:
  12. I think Dancing Queen wants the First.
  13. Well I'm actually DESPERATE for a magenta first myriamrees... Hee. Oh please send me a PM if you girls see a brand new (or in mint condition) Magenta first.:cutesy: Thanks in advance! *Hugs* :tender:

    Deana: Congratulations on your beautiful purchases! Your tassels are so neatly arranged. LOL. :lol:
  14. Thanks for looking out for me sweetie...:heart:
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