More Luscious 05 Leather!!! Pics

  1. While everyone is eagerly anticipating the 08 collection, I am going back in time and am now the proud owner of three 05 B-bags - a Caramel Twiggy, a Turquoise Day, and my newest addition, an 05 Bordeaux Day courtesy of Real Deal Collection.
    The bag arrived yesterday and it has the softest, most buttery leather EVER!!! You can actually squish it into a ball (not that I would!)
    Here are some pics...
    05bordeaux10.jpg 05bordeaux11.jpg 05bordeaux4.jpg
  2. What gorgeous leather! It's fabulous; congratulations!
  3. Here is a group shot, as well as my current collection:smile:

    05 Turquoise Day, 05 Bordeaux Day, 07 Ivory Giant Envelope Clutch, 07 Mogano City, 05 Caramel Twiggy, 07 Vert Foret City
    bal05group.jpg balgroup.jpg balcoll.jpg
  4. Congrats!!
    The bags look Yummy!!
    I love 05 leather ;)
  5. What a stunning bag! Congrats!!! :love:
  6. Lovely collection, i just love the 05 leather but ivory with sgh is just wonderful too....!
  7. wow, great choices. congrats!
  8. that is one gorgey bag! congrats! your family is beautiful!
  9. thanks for all your help! I am really loving my current collection! I have to say - I have a few Chanels and I love the thought of them, but I am definitely a B-bag girl at heart!
  10. wow gorgeous yummy leather :smile:
  11. I love your color selection! Beautiful colors, and the 05 leathers are incredible. Congratulations on all of your new purchases!
  12. Congrats! 05 leather is absolutely yummy!!
  13. 05 Bbags are the best.:tup: Congrats.:yahoo:
  14. :drool: Gorgeous them ALL! :tup:
  15. '05 is the best in my book. Congrats on your beautiful bags; excellent choices!!