More lovely leopard!

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I don't get the chance to post much but wanted to share this with you. I had gone off mulberry bags since the emmy. But I have to say that the past couple of seasons have made me fall in love again. I'm generally not into animal print but I instantly fell in love with the oak leopard alexa. However, when I saw it in the shops I was disappointed as the mulberry stock pics showed the leather to have a vintage distressed look which I adored, whereas a lot of the oak leopards I saw in the shops felt rough to the touch and didn't have that 'vintage' look I wanted. But all the alexa clutches seem to have this look! I wonder if they are made from different batches of leather that have been treated differently. Anyway, I was also quite fussy in that I wanted the leopard print to be fairly regular throughout the bag and again, a lot of alexas I saw had some patches of not much print.

    To cut a long story short, I finally found my perfect alexa:smile:
    The leather is soft to the touch and very wrinkled and the leopard pattern is quite regular. I love it! (I also bought an oak regular alexa!!, will post pics later in the week along with choc suede bayswater from the sale).

    I am a doctor and love that the alexa can be hand carried for a briefcase-y look at work or worn messenger style for a casual look.
    Now I really hope this link works!!
  2. I can't get the link to work. It just shows me a black screen.

    Congrats on your purchases. I am sure it will look fantastic for work and for the weekends, wear it in good health.
  3. Congrats on finding your perfect bag! Looking forward to seeing your Bays as well!
  4. Lordie that is gorgeous! I love the texture and pattern on your Alexa, it's just stunning!
  5. Got it! Wow, that is beautiful.

    Now, where are those modelling pics???
  6. congratulations!
  7. Gorgeous bag, I love mine and can't stop looking at it!! Congrats:biggrin:
  8. Wow... that is one beautiful leopard! Congratulations :yahoo:
  9. Thanks for all your comments girls. I have had a really bad day at work and taking pics of alexa, posting this and reading your comments has helped me feel so much better - thankyou! I now have to work all night though as I have to submit some research for which the deadline is tomorrow morning Aaagh!! I promise I will post some modelling pics later in the week along with pics of oak alexa and choc suede bays x.
  10. Will be looking forward to that drpn! Good luck with your work, hope you manage to get it all done and handed in smoothly!
  11. What an absolutely exquisite OL alexa, it is perfect! No wonder you are thrilled with it. I can see why you bought the oak alexa too, the style is just gorgeous and so very comfortable and wearable. Hope your research is finished soon and that you manage to get some sleep tonight. At least you can glance across at alexa as you are working and hopefully she will spur you on and keep you going! Looking forward to your model shots and choc bays shots xx
  12. Love your reveal pics. Congratulations,the Alexa you've chosen is a beauty. Looking forward to the Bays reveal too. Good luck completing your paper work in time for the deadline. Hope you manage a few hours sleep at least.
  13. yum yum, that is so lovely! Congrats and enjoy :biggrin:
  14. congrats, it's a lovely bag