More Louboutin sale at Saks!

  1. I stopped by Saks the other day, and found a few pairs of Louboutins on sale. Best part? There's an additional 33% off the price for the second-cut sale price.

    The ones I saw were (not my pictures, all from eBay):
    Ernesta peep-toe in yellow patent only (other colors were regular price). $367 ($477 first-round sale)
    *NM had these in fuschia patent, for around $450.

    Espadrille (navy only). Around $180 something?

    :heart: Pigalle 100 (white patent only). $252 ($377 first-round sale). Best $250 ever spent. :graucho:

    As far as sizing goes, I had to size up a full size for the Ernesta (and even then, the toe area was still a bit narrow), the espadrilles were TTS, and I sized up 1/2 a size for the Pigalle (if it were leather, I'd be TTS). Hope this helps!
  2. which Saks? i was just at the BH store and they were beyond wiped out.
  3. Those are great deals!! Which Saks?
  4. This is at the Fashion Mall in Vegas. I stopped by while I was there for the weekend. Maybe get them to ship it? I know they had a 38, 38.5, and 39 for both Ernesta and Pigalle because I tried them all on.

    I wanted the yellow patent, but couldn't bring myself to spend $350 on a pair of yellow pumps.
  5. Hopefully they will have some fabulous shoes when i go next week...

    I did go to the one at SCP in the OC and they still had an OK selection, nothing to drive out for, but if you are already in the neighborhood, why not? :yes:
  6. the espadrille look really crazy with the enormous platform, but still amazing. for only 180?? grrr damn why don´t i live in the us?
    congrats to you white louboutins, they are adorable!!!:nuts:
  7. Just ordered the yellow ernesta's ... I have the leopard ones and I love them!!!!

  8. actually, Neimans has the HOT PINK PATENT ernestas for a mere $321.00. Nm and saks have different shoes on sale and both have different pricing..sometimes NM has better deals then saks and visa versa.