More Loot! Melusine And Denim Shoes! Pics!

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  1. I have been bad this week! LOL Okay I went back to LV to pick up my Melusine shoes (what I call hole-in-wedge shoes! lol) and fell in love with the LV denim wedges! Here they are!
  2. :heart: both crystal! you are having a good week, huh?!:nuts:
  3. Yes! It's been super fun!
  4. Those are some hot runway shoes!
  5. good for you, everything is lovely!:heart:
  6. Oooh, I LOVE the shoes.
  7. Hot shoes!
  8. Holy cow, those are pretty shoes but the thin thin straps look painful!
  9. oooohhhh they are fab are they comfy??
  10. They are actually SUPER comfortable! :yes:
  11. They look GREAT on you!!! I fell in love with them when you modeled them today!!!

    Those Denim wedges are just soo amazing and hot IRL.

    I had a much better time staring at your center area... with your button popping off and all... :roflmfao:
  12. you been real bad! are you taking adoption aplications?
  13. Oh my droooools!!
    Can you tell me how does these fit/comfy ? the denim ones, compared to your regular sandals?
  14. Purdy shoes!!! Congrats Crystal!
  15. OOOhh, that's sexy:drool: