more limited edition scarves?

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  1. Women's Wear Daily tweeted about this a few hours ago. Anybody have any details?

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    This might be the scarf, not sure...

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  3. Hmmm very interesting. Thanks for the pic. Probably wouldn't appeal to everyone because its not very "traditional" but i guess that design would be very appropriate for a contemporary art show.
  4. Wow!!! This is very interesting, thank you for posting this!!! I think they are putting photographs on to the silk.

    (from copy)
    To print the photographs onto silk, Hermès had to turn to the technique of ink-jet printing, a procedure which allows an infinite number of colours to be used, whereas traditional screen printing techniques only allow for a limited number.
    here is another one
  5. Just read the link. Ink-jet printing on scarves huh? I look forward to seeing more coverage and pics of these scarves next week.
  6. OK, new process, so who's going to be the brave soul to buy one and show & tell? We need a volunteer LOL.
  7. Gosh, thinking out loud here, so please don't shoot me down in flames but where's the craftsmanship in ink-jet printing? Might as well go the whole hog and machine hem as well. Deffo do not think that would be worth the price of a scarf produced traditionally, is the price the same?
  8. I agree Bienchen - no flames from me. In my imagination I am picturing Hermes pushing out limited edition scarves the way Franklin Mint spews "limited edition" tchotchkes.
  9. I agree, too, Bienchen. It's been years since I "ink-jet" printed a photograph because it seems there's very little art in it. To ink-jet a photograph AND a scarf all at the same time... seems suspiciously low in craft quality. And to think, 2011 is the year of the Artisan, isn't it?

    Hopefully we'll find out we're wrong. Because I love Buren. I so want one of these scarves!
  10. Speaking of ink-jet printing and copying photographs onto scarves, some other scarves come to mind...

    I think several scarves have been created this way:

    Chaque Raconte est Unique (photo, maybe?), Josephine Danse (dot matrix), Pierre Loti (photos), and that one with the older man riding a rocking horse come to mind (dot matrix).

    I didn't like any of these, as I thought they looked cheaply done. Can anyone think of any other patterns that were done by photocopy or photograph?
  11. Not for me not very Hermes and truthfully I'd rather vintage shop on ebay .
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    Ink-Jet?!?! Noooooo

    Bienchen: "where's the craftsmanship in ink-jet printing?"

    ^^ My thoughts exactly. My favorite aspect is the true limited edition nature and handmade quality. I will admit that often while admiring a piece I often will imagine the craftsmen that put it together. InkJetting Scarves =:tdown:
  13. The H boutique on Madison Ave has received some of these scarves and say what you will about craftsmanship, ink-jets, etc. -- they are STUNNING. The images are vivid and vibrant and the silk is just as soft and lovely as you would expect. Whether you agree or disagree about the use of inkjets, I think it was necessary to capture the transfer the image from photograph to silk. Pictures do not do these scarves justice.

    Sadly, I did not get one as they are $6800. Each scarf comes in its own presentation box and with a DVD.