More Legacy Outlet Eye Candy!

  1. I have to say that I've been really good for quite awhile now and have been able to pass up PCE and other sales, but once I saw those threads about Legacy at the outlet (thanks so much Wander!), I figured I had to go. Legacy 06 is my all time favorite Coach style, and I got to the outlet pretty early--it was getting busier by the minute!

    I'd hate to be a husband at the Coach outlet this afternoon; he'd be well advised to bring his football helmet and a few defensive moves!

    They had mandy in white, black, whiskey and natural, satchels in whiskey and black, shoulder bags in whiskey and black, and a few alis. I even saw a clay 07 gigi tote that wasn't going to be lonely for long, KWIM? :nuts:

    Here are my bargain basement buys from the outlet! Only the whiskey mandy is mine--the others are for a sister and friend who asked me to pick them up for them. Of course, looking at them all together makes me wanna keep all of 'em!:graucho:

    I guess this means that 06 legacy is being deleted now? I never thought I'd see these bags at the outlet--it's always so hit and miss there--but I'm enjoying the huge savings and thanks to all your tpf ladies for these tips!:love:
    mandy (Large).JPG white_ali (Large).JPG
  2. I'm so jealous of everyone's legacy finds! My outlet doesn't have any! :crybaby:

    Congrats on your haul!
  3. SOOOOO purty!!!!! :smile:
  4. So pretty! These are my fave Coach bags. What is the item # on the first bag pictured? (whiskey, smaller than the other one)? THANKS! :heart: :tup:
  5. very nice.... yeah, my outlet said their Clay stuff was the first to go - so evidently they had some....

    Dont ya'll wonder what new products they are going to have to have now???
  6. Your bags are gorgeous! Congrats on the great finds!

  7. Just plain TDF! I have got to get to my outlet soon. OH god, but not until MOnday when my daughter is in school and the DH is at work. I hope there's still something left for me. GREAT finds! Congrats...and I'm jealous!
  8. If you have an outlet close by, you might want to call them and give them the item number of what you want..they can hold it for you--I think--for 48 hours until you get there. I've done that before. I hope more of you ladies get some great legacy finds!

    And yes, it does make me wonder what Legacy 08 is going to look like! As a whole, I prefer the 06 over the 07 legacy styles but Coach has been putting out so many different styles that it makes me think I'd better start saving now!
  9. Love them! The whiskey color is gorgeous!!
  10. yayyyyy!!!! glad you got the outlet splurge too!!!!!! my outlet didn't have any the sm. legacy shoulder bags (the first one you ahve posted)
  11. I scored two 06 Satchels; Pond & Whiskey and a Black Hippie!!! Soooo happy!
  12. I saw one pond satchel and it got picked up right away.... congrats on the satchels and the hippie! Both are gorgeous bags!

    They also had a lot of clay french framed purses and french frame envelope purses....
  13. Love them. Congrats!
  14. My outlet in Vacaville, CA sucks! They see me there a lot but never leave with anything because they never have the goods that you guys seem to be finding in your outlet. Congrats to you all!!!
  15. Wow they have a Clay 07 Gigi??? Do you remember how much it's going for? I haven't used my Whisky Gigi, hoping that I might find a Clay one.