More Legacy coming to outlets next week???

  1. SO, I heard a rumor that the new floorset is coming to the outlets next week. A fellow coach lover on another site said she called her outlet (Orlando) and was told that there was "lots" of Legacy coming.

    Don't know what day, if its all outlets or just the really lucky ones, how much "lots" is, or what specific pieces they are actually getting. Just wanted to let you ladies know in case you wanted to take a trip to check it out next week.

    I know, I know, I don't know much! I'm sure someone out there knows more, so fess up!

    And if you go or call, please, do share info on the new goods!
  2. yay.

    this confirms my hunch.

    i don't think there is a floorset next week but i really have not checked. but next week is....a delete for us! the 3rd wave.

    and i have a feeling that i'm going to get the legacy items i want. either that or it's condensed :sad: like the signature stripe in parchment and vermillion was the first time back then..but that was sent to the outlets on the 2nd wave which was last week...but it was completely sold out so i missed my chance to get it :p

    i'll double check with the schedule. i think she got it wrong, the floorset would be the last week of january instead of second to last because we've had two deletes and most of it is stuff that's almost out of our store (sold out) and i see very, very little whiskey representation in our store. only the ali, satchel is left...guess which ones i'm taking home?!


    but i can't be sure..i'm hoping though!!!
  3. I'm sorry, I'm a little confused, did the signature stripe in the vermillion go to the outlets & sell out already? I have been calling and no one ever told me this! That is really disappointing!
  4. I'm a bit confused as well. i_heart_coach was saying that there's a chance that the legacy items would be coming to the outlet stores next week, not the retail stores. So, ms-whitney, do you work in an outlet? Or are you just talking about the new floorsets in your retail store? Because it sounded like i_heart_coach is saying that the outlets will be getting new stuff in with a new floorset. :confused1: :confused1: Or did I missunderstand something?
  5. i was at my coach outlet over the weekend and they told me the new stuff would be out on January 29th. :smile:
  6. ms-whitney:

    Please do let us know when there will be a delete. My closest Outlet is
    Woodbury Common Plaza and I would really like to purchase a Legacy Satchel in Black. thanks, Liz
  7. i was at an outlet in ohio today. they had the suede ali and mandi in plum and charcoal.
  8. no. last week there was a delete where the signature stripe in vermillion and parchment was sent to the outlet. i tried to order some in parchment but it's already sold out (numbers too low to order) maybe one or two will get lucky and find one, or maybe someone will return one to the store and it'll get sent to an outlet.
  9. I'm going to cry if they meant the suede legacy stuff that's already been at the outlets. Hopefully, they knew what they were talking about and we will see some NEW-to-the-outlet items (leather and stripe, please!:winkiss: ).
  10. i would wish to if i wanted awesome sales. for some reason you dangle a bag in front of someone for a couple dollars less and they'll snatch it up quicker. :smile:

    i work at a FP store and when they "delete" items they send it to the outlets. that is, if there are some left~! there are some styles that never make it through. e.g. the nylon double pocket satchel? they had one in signature but bigger? that NEVER went to the outlet and i never got a better discount :sad:

    i_heart_coach says there is a new floorset b/c the outlet worker told her, she might be right, but i don't think so because i read that next week there is a delete but nothing about a floorset. maybe i overlooked it. that i will double check. usually floorsets are done last week of month and since there is five weeks...i don't think it's the next one as that's week 3.
  11. i don't think the black is included but we'll see. i know whiskey should if anything because the natural almost looks like it (and will make it's debut) but you can tell the surface is 10x less likely to scratch.

    i'm hoping for white because i want a brand new ali but eh. i think only whiskey is going because natural replaces it. also rose was a "fashion" store color and more exclusive...the pond may replace that.
  12. thanks for the info.
  13. no problem!

    i'm into sales more so just because i'm a college student. if i had the money i wouldn't mind buying it FP but if i can get a deal....

    a penny pinched is a penny earned :smile:
  14. Thanks for the information! Very helpful!
  15. I picked up the Legacy Whiskey envelope wallet and the suede fringe wristlet last week at the outlet up here! :yahoo: