More Large Clutches - '04 Turquoise & '04 Pistachio $699 BIN or BO

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  1. Congrats to the new Turquoise buyers! The clutches are HUGE, but in a good way. :love:
  2. aawww they're sooo cute!!!
  3. what happened to the listings?
  4. holy cow, I went to do BIn on the Turquoise and it was bye bye!
  5. ^ Just like that dream/nightmare I had the other's scary b/c it's real.
  6. ACK, i'm the turquoise winner gals :party:...i checked e-bay & saw it sitting there & i was like :wtf: :drool: :shocked:...i'm not usually a "color" girl, but i've always wanted one of these & missed out the last time, so i went for it!!! :heart:
  7. :yahoo: Congrats Bama:yahoo: !!!!!!! Even if you are not a color girl it will look hot inside your bag if you use it to hold your goodies!
  8. Ms were quicker at the keyboard than I was.
    Sad for me :sad: but good for you :smile:
  9. I use my turquoise to hold loose stuff in my purse and because it is so colorful I can always find it! It is very handy and I am wishing an eggplant or red one comes up so I can BIN! (oh wait, I'm suppose to be on purse ban.)
  10. CONGRATS! You'll love it! I want one SOOOOOO bad!
  11. Those are beautiful. I like the Pistachio. Congrats to the winners!
  12. Congrats!!! I'm so drooling over that 04 turquoise!!
  13. i've decided i hate achtung....all it ever does is show me what i missed:sad:

    one of these days....
  14. Congrats Bama :wlae: