More lanvin on sale at!!!

  1. The square toe lanvin ballet flats are on sale at Does anyone have pics of themselves wearing the square toe flats?? Do they look good? I only have the round toes and I'm not sure about the square toes....
  2. Shoot, I want a pair. But they're satin, and I'll probably mess them up :sad: I see the black patent ones, but I don't like black patent much.

    And this is totally not related to shoes, but a bunch of Lanvin bags are now on sale at Barneys. I'm dying for the taupe Kansas or large black Kentucky tote! Shoot.

    Good luck, meightry - hope you get a pair :nuts:
  3. Barney's NY (Madison Ave. flagship) also had many of those Lanvin square-toe flats in *patent* leather on-sale. I saw them in a fuschia pink patent color; there might be other colors. However, a warning though -- I found that style extremely extremely uncomfortable (totally unlike the normal round-toe Lanvin classic flats....the outer sole is also very stiff and overall that shoe just isn't worth it IMHO).

    If you're looking for the large black Kentucky tote, Barney's NY Madison Ave. also had one or two of those marked-down as of last night -- it's the trendier style with two or three rings in the handles though. The really classic Kansas/Kentucky versions with the sturdy handles (not the new thin handles or the handles with circular rings in the middle) never get marked-down.
  4. I just bought the marine blue satin ones. I'm sure there won't be alot of occassions where I can wear them, but who cares right?! I love the square toes on them.