More Koobas Coming On Ebay

  1. LNinos just told me they got 15 Kooba bags today plus my Charlie and Nina! I asked them to tell me what they all were so I could let you all know. They have alot of colors.

    I had to call LNinos today about a bag I returned and talked to Leonard. He was so nice but informed me that he and his wife are a team and alot of the time I was talking to her. Her name is Vira. He thanked me for getting his name out on the Purse forum and said he has recieved alot of emails and orders.
  2. Oh I wonder if my Bonnie is in that bunch, I hope so!
  3. Hey Lexie,

    Thanks for the heads up!
    I had a look at what lninos was offering yesterday and it seems to be the same as what he has today. Does he not list a lot of stuff on eBay? I'll send him a note.
  4. LNinos didn't tell me if the Bonnie came but I know she had other orders in that included my Nina and Charlie. Write and ask. The bags they got in and will be listing is:
    Meredith blonde and black
    Nina in slate and black
    Natasha in white and straw
    charlie luggage

    If anyone wants one of these bags off eBay I'd write them asap.
  5. Yep, he wrote and said my Bonnie is in that bunch and on her way. *s
  6. Yes Lindy, I asked her about yours and she said it is being sent within the hour with mine. She said it probably won't be till Friday until she gets the new bags up. She's pregnant and lazy...LOL And unfortunatley she has to list a bunch of bags with no BINs because someone did what many other have had problems with. Bought 20 of her bags with BINs and never paid. Scammers make everyone suffer.
  7. I wrote and asked if they had the Bonnie and some other related questions - if they ship to Canada, price, etc.
    She didn't answer anything other than to say no Bonnies. Not very helpful! :wtf:

    I mean, I'm assuming they'll got some in at some point right?
  8. I haven't seen any Nicoles on eBay lately. I hope LNinos will have them! I really like it in the Rose color. Yes, Bonnies! whoo hoo!
  9. He just emailed me about my red Bonnie, so I'm excited! I think he must have a black Bonnie, because I actually ordered black first, and he put in the order, then I switched it to red, and he said, "I'll just give you the red I ordered at the same time." I'm worried it's too small now, since Lexie said it was tiny. :sad:
  10. The Bonnie will be just right. With all the bag buying I have been doing, I won't have any money to put in it anyway. *s
  11. Jade, did you tell him you heard about him from the purse forum? And did you ask if it was possible for him to order one for you if perhaps you gave him a downpayment? Any person writing him is just going to be given a flat answer unless they have some sort of validity because of all the crackpots on ebay. He probably doesn't have any Bonnies and he won't order bags for unknown people writing him because that would be a dangerous situation and he could end up with a bunch of bags that people didn't buy. He's ordered for a couple in here so maybe it's just how you approached him.
    I wouldn't assume he will get Bonnies in. They will only order what they think will sell.