More Kooba Markdowns!

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  1. At there are a few more handbags marked down at 30% off...a black Marcelle and a black embossed Sienna. I would love to have a Marcelle...just can't swing it at this time. Hope that someone can....
  2. thanks, ciatta, for the info--will check it out.
  3. I love Kooba!! I have a Ada and a Claudia. I wish tey'd mark down the maria or Ginger in black. Thanks for the info!!
  4. aaah. tempted to get the scarlett.

    the only thing that kinda bothers me is that, i got the sienna for 300. and scarlett's smaller, and it's expensive. hmm
  5. ^^ If you are looking for an enbossed Scarlett, check out this:
    Karizma Boutique
    And use the code 'Holiday 30%' for additional 30% off. It's an amazing deal!
  6. ^ thanks! i just might get it.. :biggrin: