More Kooba Cheating..

  1. I'm so ashamed....:p

    I liked the looks of this little no namer and the price too. I'm not really doing very well on a ban, am I?:wtf:
  2. Which is precisely why I never go on purse bans; you never know what great deal may come your way. Always be prepared to fall for a new!

    It's cute. I like hand's free with my lifestyle, but I think clutches are classy!
  3. There is no shame here, Grace! I think that's one of the reasons that we all congregate here ... no judgment. And, that is SO cute! Who makes that clutch? I want to feel a little shame, too! :shame:
  4. Grace, are we related? I have to ask because I'm not doing very well on my ban either... It's only been a week and a half, and I've already caved in once. LOL

    That is a cute bag though. Nice find!
  5. Join the club of the no-ban purse banners.

    I bought 3 bags since my ban started.

  6. Ah I do love having :graucho: partners in crime!

    This is just a little no name clutch I found on Smartbargains today after hitting Deals and Steals. I think the company is called Contemporary American Label. It was around $69 bucks and I got the last one. :wlae:
  7. Here here for no bans...I have my eye on A Sand Jillian....<sigh>
  8. Back to cheating on Koobas....

    While I am enjoying my new Tanos very much and get compliments on them every just isn't the same as carrying a REALLY nice Kooba.

    Koobas are made so very nicely and the leather on most is perfectly wonderful, I always feel great when carrying one. When anyone looks closely at my Koobas they always comment on the craftmanship and detail plus the feel of the leather. Of course they faint if they ask the price tag.

    While I like hamburgers now and again, filet mignon is still the preferred cut. *s
  9. dont even get me started on kooba cheating in the last 2 days i have gotten 3 bags, one dooney delivered yesterday, a prada delivered this morning and then i went to macys f and f sale and bought a coach !

    I am officially not allowed to buy bags for a long while!
  10. ohh bessie i want to see pictures!
  11. I keep telling y'all... don't call it a ban. Call it a Plan and that way it can be revised when necessary. :graucho:

    Cute bag!
  12. ^Great pics, girl! I love the variety of emotions... were you on your way to drama class this morning? ;)
  13. Love them Bessie! I love the legacy line but they are a bit small for me. Except the Mandy and then I don't like that trigger clasp in the front. Love the leather and lining on their Legacy bags.

    In the one photo in looks likes you are doing a "Gusttoteer" stance without the Baca Stick! LOL
  14. Absolutely True!!!!!:jammin: