More Kelly questions...

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  1. You guys have probably already seen this bag listed by one of my fav. eBay sellers but I hope you can help me understand a few things before I go out into the Hermes world to find my baby....I love this chocolate color!


    This is probably a really stupid question but what does Sellier mean in describing an Hermes bag?

    And if a bag is sewn Rigid can it also be soft? This bag looks nice and "squishy" but is described as Rigid so I'm a little confused. The bag I saw at the Hermes store was "Souple" and had a nice hand to it....

    And finally....

    Are interiors always the same color as the exterior? I'd LOVE a chocolate bag with a diff. color interior but I don't want to hope for it if it never happens....


    Well, I can't seem to upload the file so here's the item # 6875564200
    I've just GOTTA figure out how to attach pics from eBay....sorry everyone....
  2. I think sellier means there is outside stitching. Rigide means that the bag has its structure and shape and doesn't slouch. Rigide Kelly is also a bit more expensive than souple Kelly.

    That one on the eBay link is a souple Kelly.
  3. Thank you, Addicted. How did you do that? I tried the copy paste method but got nowhere....
  4. ^Just copy the URL (address). I use CTL+C to copy and CTL+V to paste.
  5. This is a Sellier Mou Kelly, meaning it has the rigide construction/outside stitching and yet it is soft enough to be folded. A normal rigide Kelly cannot be folded but a Sellier Mou can because they use very soft leather with it. FYI, Sellier Mou is more expensive than Rigide Kelly.

    Hope this helps!
  6. Very nice...
  7. Yes, there are Kellys with different interior colors, but it will be a bit harder to get in your hands. It is not impossible and I love them as well. It is like your own personal surprise inside ever time you open.

    Have you ever thought of a bicolor Kelly? Like a chocolate with potiron trim and then potiron on the inside?

    When I went to Hermes yesterday they had several accessories that had one color on the outside and beautiful complimentary color on the inside when you opened. One wallet was raisin box on the outside and the inside had lavendar or lilac. Not sure of the correct color and I asked, but she did not know.
  8. I have a Chocolate Birkin with Lilac interior so you can in fact get a bag with a different interior color if you want ;)
  9. Wow! That must be a gorgeous combination! Would something like this be a special order?
  10. LOVE IT!!!! The chocolate/lilac sounds luscious
  11. kelly, where did you see that raisin with lilac trim wallet?
  12. Yup - we hardly talk about this type of Kelly because they are quite rare. But, I guess it's the perfect bag for someone who can't decide between the look of the rigide and souple Kelly!
  13. Hermesaddiction, I'd love to see a pic of your chocolate lilac Birkin!!
  14. Wow, another new thing to learn today: the sellier mou kelly. Never knew about that one before. I thought it was only rigide or souple, I didnt know there was an in b/w.

    I personally like rigide better for birkins and kellys, and that's just personal preference.