More job interview updates - any feedback?

  1. First off I'd like to thank everyone for being so supportive as I trot off to job interviews, network, etc. Call me crazy for not wanting to chill and enjoy a little break in the summer but I just can't sit idle.

    So, here's the latest...which would you choose? I'm starting with "job #3" as I already did a post awhile back with jobs #1 and #2 (both which didn't pan out and not a huge disappointment...)

    OK, here goes!

    Job #3: Contract/consulting assignment of 6 months with option to get on fulltime, slight pay cut from my past job but a nice $$ amount, reasonable commute, represented by my past contract/consulting agency who is great, job is in a strong alignment with my past experience! I interviewed in person last Friday and am awaiting a yes/no as soon as today! Interview went great! :tup:

    Job #4: Fulltime employment back at the company I used to contract with up till recently. Completely different group and physical location, however. I have an onsite interview there tomorrow afternoon. Reasonable commute. Cons: about a 35% paycut from what I am making as a contractor, but there is a good bonus plan.

    Job #5: Just got a call about this today. Contracting gig with a different agency than I have been working with but I would be assigned at the SAME company as job #4...and, if this makes any sense, likely with some of the same group I used to work with and just got cut from :sweatdrop:. I'm not sure I can even return and contract after such a short break, nor frankly am I sure I would even want to. I don't think I burned any bridges, but it got awfully tense the last couple weeks. :cursing:

    Let's just say I am super hopeful for Job #3. :wlae:

    Any thoughts?
  2. Job #3 sounds the best...good luck!! :-]]

    please keep us posted!
  3. Hmm no advice for me but GOOD LUCK!!!
  4. Great job! I knew you would have tons of people interested in you right away! Good luck with everything!
  5. Job #3. Sit tight and keep cool until you hear any news!
  6. I say Job #3. Sounds like a positive experience and something you already know a lot about! Do keep up posted, and best of luck!
  7. :choochoo::choochoo::choochoo:Job #3! Job #3!
  8. sounds like Job3 is the best option right now...

    i think it'd be too complicated and stressful to go back and end up working with some of the same ppl from the last group you just left....
  9. ^^ thanks, everyone! No official word yet on job #3...I actually have an interview for job #4 this afternoon.

    I did hear from the recruiter on job #3 and the company I'd be assigned at wanted to know if I had previously applied for another position least they are checking my elligibility...good sign eh?

    More updates as confirmed!!