More is better????or "torn between two SA's in one H store

Oct 27, 2009
Thank you, everyone, for your nice comments. I too feel that the SA's behavior was completely inappropriate -- she made me feel guilty and stressed even though I knew I did absolutely nothing wrong. I did have a very nice experience with a New York SA (two of them, in fact: one helped me with belts, the other with scarves on the same occasion, and they were perfectly friendly with each other), so perhaps I'll just make all my purchases there from now on.


toute suite
Oct 5, 2010
Land of Bubbechic
I get it but as long as the first was on vacation you can return to that SA being nice ton the sub. But I think he would totally get the fact that your first sa was your first option I have relationships with almost all of them and they are always very nice even when they know I'm going for the other sa .

That was my plan initially, "Stand By Your SA", until she gave me good reasons for not being treated poorly and not contributing to her income!