more info/pics about my new keychain!!

  1. hello again sweet all.. and thank u for the warm welcome in my previous thread..:heart:
    since i got many questions about the keychain.. i thought its better to start a new thread with new pics and more info :jammin:

    i called my brother yesterday and made him bring back his gift!! looool i got him the same keychain as mine.. but i didnt take pics of his in my previous thread.. since i gave it to him the minute we arrived..
    so i took pictures of both now!

    u'd find the color patern different from one to another.. which adds more uniqueness! I love the color of the rings! its a lovely bronze color that matches well with brown string attached.

    i pulled out the receipt to fetch this:


    i got mine from singapore for 360 Singapore Dollars. and got a tax refund at airport :smile:
    while i got my brother's from Malaysia for 870 Malay Ringgit.

    when i was in singapore.. LV in DFS Galleria still had one at store. and i believe other branches there might still have stock. i didnt check though.
    while in Malaysia.. it was the last one when i picked it.

    // the key chain reads:
    101, avenue des Champs-Elysees,PARIS

    i am not exactly sure from which season it is! but one of lovely PF members said it's from f/w 2005/6 man collection.

    hope this helps in any form :biggrin:


    close ups of both:


    my brother's:
    kc1.jpg kc2.jpg kc3.jpg kc4.jpg kc5.jpg
  2. thanks for posting pics. they are pretty.
  3. Thank you for sharing!
  4. Wow those are really beautiful! They totally match the keyrings that Tink got us all for RAOK heh!
  5. Thanks for the info.
  6. Beautiful, thanks for sharing!
  7. thaks for the pics. i really like this, hmm wonder if there are any in australia..?
  8. OMG that is TDF ! Loves it :flowers:
  9. OMG thosr are TDF

    enjoooooooooooy them 7bebti
  10. Gorgeous!! The natural variations make them very special, I think I like the shading on yours better than your brothers though.
  11. are u sure?? cause there is still time for me to switch them before i give it back to him loooooooooool :roflmfao:

    and thanks dear all for joining this thread.. ur most welcome for the info :flowers:
    randomlily dear u should check it out.. u have the item number above :graucho:
  12. What is the plaque made of?
  13. Thanks for sharing!! I saw that keychain IRL at Saks. Its really cool..I was checking it out big time!!
  14. oh that is so neat they are all different!! so pretty :smile:
  15. so nice!!!