More info on this Stam please!

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  1. Hi,
    I bought this grey stam at Bergdorfgoodman online. Love it..
    But looking at the bag closely, i found that the bag is slightly different from the online picture.
    This is the link at BG, i bought it from.

    If you see the pictures closely, the color of the stitching is different. The BG picture has darker color stitching, vs. my bag has almost white color stitching.

    Can you expert guys give me more info like season, leather so on..?
    Thanks so much for your help.

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  2. Hm, the stam in on BG is the Spring 08 stam with washed goat leather...

    What does the serial tag inside your stam say? Which season is it from?

    It's definitely different.
  3. I think Fall '08 gray CQ had light contrast stitching. Perhaps they never changed the pic?
  4. spacey's right. it's fall 08 grey. spring 08 grey had dark grey stitching and washed, uneven color tone. online pictures are sometimes inaccurate. it could be the distance and lighting that made the stitching look dark. second possible explanation could be that a sample with darker stitching was made, photographed, and sent out to etailers then the stitching color was changed mid-production.
  5. This is my first MJ bag... so i don't know where to find the serial tag. All i have inside the zipper is a small evelope with some instruction and a note saying Controllo N. 66.
    Hmmm..i began to worry if it's authentic or not...even though i purchase it at BG...
  6. ^Don't worry, its real:tup:. The serial tag is sewn into the interior pocket. Often you will need to fully turn the pocket inside out to see it.
  7. the serial tag should be in the bottom left corner inside the interior zippered pocket :yes: I think tadpole and jacy are right, though.
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    they came with both light topstitching and dark topstitching. i believe iluvmybags (might be another member) had a thread with pics of both...

    edit...okay it was another gals bag but this thread has some great pics as well as referance info too. dark topstitching on grey was S/S 08, lighter topstitching was the fall 08

  9. the one pictured on the BG website is the S/S08 Grey Stam, which had darker stitching and was made from washed goat leather.

    The stam you purchased is from F/W08 and is also made from Goat leather, but it's not washed and it has the lighter grey/white stitching.

    it looks like they just used the wrong pic for that stam, since the Fuscha stam (the other color selection) was also from F/W08 ( BG didn't even carry the S/S08 grey stam -- the only place to get it that I know of was Bloomingdales)
  10. wow, when did you get the stam from BG? I clicked on the link and it was on sale for $608!!!! what a bargain! if you don't mind me asking, is that how much you got it for?
  11. Actually, The price i paid was $540 with no tax and free ship!!! instead of $608.......It was amazing deal and i was super lucky to snag it...

    Thanks for the info all
  12. wow! that is a fantastic price for a stam. you'd better keep it!
  13. :faint: What a CRAZY good deal!! Congrats!! That grey is divine. :drool:
  14. how long ago did you get it?