More info on this bag?

  1. Hi all! I seriously have become obsessed with this forum and buying new bags. Does anyone have any additional information (e.g. size, line, material, price, etc.) on this bag:


    Souce: itslaurenomg

    A few other people mentioned a navy patent flap with contrast trim, and I'm just wondering if this is the one they're describing.

    Thanks again!
  2. The navy patent above was released a WHILE back. I can't be sure how long ago, but I've seen several on eBay with different colors and trims. Prior to 2005. And they've been there for a LONG time.

    There's a new navy patent flap with metal trim which is part of S/S 2007.
  3. Oh.. I just spoke with a SA at NM who told me she had a navy patent flap with a very light pink trim.. does anyone know what that bag looks like?